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  • Posted on Dec 19, 2011

The holiday season can be a challenging time for some students at Woodward Academy. For many, thinking about home and missing time with family and friends can be difficult to comprehend. Home pass visits are very popular this time of year for students who have continually performed well, but not all students are eligible or adequately prepared for this step in their transition process. Starting December 22 and running through the New Year, school is out of session… so what do students do during the holiday break?

One of the more popular things to do during any extended break is to initiate dorm renovation projects such as painting and deeper cleaning. But those things can fill a limited amount of time and although necessary, are not always enjoyable. This year, headed by Program Director Scott Clouser, a fun dorm vs. dorm competition titled “The 12 Challenges of Christmas” is added to the list of holiday activities. Dorms will compete in 6 challenges that will all take place on Friday, December 23 and will be judged on 6 additional challenges throughout the break with the top dorm earning $500 in dorm expenses. Below is a breakdown of the 12 Challenges:

1. Fastest – Team of 6 students in a “lap style” race competing in a single elimination tournament.
2. Strongest – Team of 5 students doing reps of 135 lbs. on the bench press.
3. Smartest – Team of 5 students asked trivia questions in game show format on topics ranging from sports to pop culture.
4. Smoothest – Team of 3 students writing lyrics and songs about their dorm.
5. Tastiest – Team of 4 students making homemade pizza. Bon Appetite!
6. Proudest – Team of 5 students who will be responsible for creating a banner for their dorm. WOW factor counts!

7. Kindest – What have you done to help other dorms?
8. Cleanest – Dorm inspections throughout the week
9. Sharpest – Looking good makes you feel good!
10. Friendliest – Share your holiday cheer!
11. Knightliest – Most Knights @ end of Rush Month
12. Overall Completest – Most Wins!!

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