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  • Posted on Jan 15, 2014

Staff at Woodward Academy have to be very active and energetic on a daily basis. Between teaching, coaching opportunities, extracurricular activities, and just spending time on the dorm, our staff invest an amazing amount of time into our student population and it is one of the primary reasons why we see such dramatic success in our students. While this blog focuses mostly on student accomplishments and activities on campus, our staff members do have lives and interests outside of Woodward Academy. Those things equally make up who they are and what they can bring to campus.

Recent, Cody Irvin was selected as the North American Hunter’s Mentor of the Year. As a life long hunter and member of the organization, this is a really great honor and a reflection of Cody’s personality. On campus, Cody is the Knights on the Move Director, which means that he is the man in charge of our largest vocational opportunity for students. But the real reflection of the award that he won is that he is the “mentor” of the year. Having seen Cody work directly with students at Knights on the Move, he is an amazing teacher to students. He is patient, thorough, polite, and everything that a great mentor would be. He is a great diplomat for Woodward Academy and puts our students in positions to be successful. Congrats Cody!

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