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  • Posted on Jun 15, 2012

The annual WA Open House is one of the largest on campus events of the year and is traditionally accompanied with a 5K run.  For those of you who consider yourself runners, this is no ordinary 5K run.  It begins perfectly normal, but quickly turns into an endurance test by requiring the participants to run through trails, about 100 yards in a creek, and this year up the Iron Man twice.

What is the Iron Man?  Read more after the jump and to see additional images from the run.

WA staff members (pictured) and students participate in the 5K run and it is generally a very colorful event.  Dorm teams typically find a ridiculous theme and go with it for the run.  Painted faces, pink mohawks, and dressing up like mountain men were some of the scenes from this year.

As mentioned, runners needed to tackle the Iron Man twice this year.  It is a 70 degree, 40 yard hill where the use of a rope is nearly the only possible way to conquer it.

Beyond the 5K run, the Open House is an opportunity for visitors to receive tours from some of our Knights and to meet with students to get updates.  A tour of the Phase Five house was also on the agenda for this year.  To see more images from the 5K run, you can visit our Knight Pics website by clicking here.

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