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  • Posted on Jan 19, 2015

Have you ever seen a 15 year old squat 600 pounds? Not many people have, but that is exactly what happened when Julius Walker, a lifter on the Woodward Academy Knights powerlifting team, competed at the USAPL Iowa Open this past weekend. After getting his first two lifts, he went for 600 pounds and set a new personal best. He now has his sights set on being the American record holder. For his age group and weight class, the American record is 551 lbs., which he destroyed. But at this event, not all of the judges were certified to award American records, so he’ll give it another shot later this year.

The team has been training since November, but this was their first meet of the year. They travel to Lincoln, NE next weekend and Peru State in February. In March, Woodward Academy will host an event on the 14th and it will all lead up to the team traveling to the USAPL High School National Championships, March 27-29. This year, the event is being held in Milwaukee, WI. The Knights have won 9 consecutive team National Championships in the freshman/sophomore division.

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