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  • Posted on Feb 3, 2012

Fourteen students involved with the art extracurricular visited Iowa State University’s Design College on February 1st.  They got a sneak peek into post-secondary studio art classes of all types and were able to see first hand how college students are taking the route of career artists.

As a part of the visit, students viewed a demonstration by the Iowa State Guilders Union on glass blowing, which is pictured.  They also took a tour of the Design College and saw several different studios including those in architecture, graphic design, ceramics, painting, jewelry, and a print lab.

The art extracurricular is an extension of the art classroom program at Woodward Academy, but focuses more on the vocational aspects of art making whereas the class covers similar topics but with a more academic approach to learning.  More updates and student works will be showcased in future posts.

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