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  • Posted on Feb 25, 2016

This month, Julious Walker returned home after an illustrious athletic career at Woodward Academy. Throughout his stay, he participated in football, track & field, but powerlifting was the sport he dominated. He did things that had never been done before at Woodward Academy, and honestly may never happen again. He was a member of two USAPL National Championship teams (2014-15), and became an individual National Champion when he destroyed the competition in 2015.

The unprecedented part of his powerlifting career came last fall when he became runner-up World Champion as a member of the U.S. National Team at the IPF Sub-Juniors World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. He has 5 American records, and 11 Woodward Academy school records to his credit, and this year was on track to earn more accolades. One of his last meets, he squatted a personal best 750 pounds in competition. To label him a world-class athlete sounds a little cliche, but as a 16 year old with these credits, it is certainly within reason that he could become just that. He was recently given an honor that no Woodward Academy athlete has ever received: Athlete of the First 20 Years. Congrats Julious, and good luck.

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