Other Services

Case Management

Woodward Academy has a team of Case Managers who provide individualized care for the students on their dorms. Case Managers hold regular collaborative staffings with the referring worker, legal representative, parent or guardian, Woodward treatment team, and the youth to develop and review the initial treatment plan and progress made throughout treatment. Case Managers are involved in referring students for the appropriate and needed treatment services, and they prepare quarterly reports to ensure a student’s progress is reviewed by the collaborative team throughout a student’s placement. Case Managers also have a role in developing a healthy transition plan for each student to ensure a positive transition following discharge from Woodward Academy.

Substance Abuse Treatment

During the course of their stay, students are screened and evaluated for the need for substance abuse treatment.  Woodward is currently licensed to provide Level I and Level II treatment services through a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. The Academy also provides drug education classes on their respective dorm. Treatment cycles last four to six weeks. This can be extended, however, by offering individual counseling if needed. Services are provided through individual counseling and structured group formats, as well as on or off campus AA meetings. Students who have successfully completed the substance abuse program can continue to attend these meeting for the duration of their stay at Woodward Academy.

ART – “Aggression Replacement Training”

ART “Aggression Replacement Training” is a cognitive behavioral intervention focused on adolescents, training them to cope with their aggressive and violent behaviors. This evidence-based program has proven to be effective in working with challenging youth. ART consists of 10 weeks (30 sessions) of intervention training, and is divided into three components: Social Skills Training, Anger Control, and Moral Reasoning

Life Skills Development – Casey Life Skills Assessment

All students take the Casey Life Skills Assessment (CLSA) within the first month of attending Woodward Academy, and every 6 months after. The assessment looks at the daily skill competencies our students need to achieve living life on their own. Once the areas of need are established the treatment team develop life skills to be practiced in the areas of Daily Living Skills, Self-care Skills, Relationship and Communication Skills, Housing and Money Management, Work and Study Skills, and Career Education Planning.

Tele-Health Video Sessions

Woodward Academy offers Tele-Health video sessions for family therapy for parents/guardians who are unable to travel to the Academy, as many of our families live out of the state of Iowa. These confidential sessions can be held to further provide families the ability to remain in touch and involved in the treatment of their student. Families can participate by connecting at any computer that has Internet access and a web camera.