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  • Posted on Jan 9, 2013

Although it is not common, there are times when students who are attending Woodward Academy have already received their high school diploma. Typically, these students are starting to make plans as they begin to transition away from Woodward Academy. Many of them pick up jobs here on campus, making some additional money for the next stage in their life. Others are able to begin taking some college courses. Beginning this week, four WA students started online college courses through the Des Moines Area Community College. These courses included a contemporary literature course, a class on blueprint reading, one on sustainable science methods, and another in psychology.

WA has picked up the initial costs associated with these courses with hopes that they will be the start of a full college education. Students are dedicating portions of their day to the classes and are already learning time management and important study skills that all college freshmen typically struggle with. Weekly assignments and online discussion requirements are allowing the WA students to get a taste of how challenging college can be. As a result, they will be able to make calculated decisions about college after they leave Woodward Academy.

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