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  • Posted on Sep 5, 2013

Dallas Chief Eagle visited campus today and talked with students about Native American culture. As a member of the Rosebud Lakota nation, Chief Eagle holds a master’s degree in guidance counseling and is a recognized master of the Lakota hoop dance. He has been visiting Woodward Academy annually for nearly a decade, and each year teaches students the traditional hoop dance. He speaks throughout the assembly about Native American values and expresses some of his views on what it means to grow from a boy to a man. 

Chief Eagle has been performing the Lakota hoop dance for years and has gained national recognition as a result. In 2007, he was invited by the American Folklife Center to perform at the Library of Congress and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. This year, he brought nearly 40 students onto the gymnasium floor and used more than 200 hoops to perform the dance with Woodward Academy students. It was a great cultural experience for our students and we have always appreciated the Chief taking time out of his schedule to visit Woodward Academy.

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