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  • Posted on Jul 20, 2012

Woodward Academy is unlike most public schools in that we have school year round.  Summer school at WA is great for students as it allows them to gain credits toward graduation throughout the summer and keep them actively engaged in meaningful activities.  The classes are just as rigorous as during the traditional fall and spring semesters and encompass a wide range of core and elective courses.  Read more after the break to read about the Environmental Activism class.

A main component of the class focuses on the importance of recycling.  Students have participated in several projects already this summer that looked at the benefits that recycling has on the environment.  Some of those benefits includes turning old materials into new, saving energy, and conserving natural resources.  One of those projects was the creation of a small recycling program on campus.

Several students also went on a field trip to the Boone County Landfill.  According to the class instructor, Sara White, the purpose of the trip was to show students what process trash goes through and to show that throwing something away doesn’t really mean it goes away permanently.  “I wanted them to learn about what things the landfill does to protect the environment from the potentially harmful materials being thrown away.”  

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