Upon admission, transcripts are requested from the student’s previous schools to ensure a smooth transition of educational services.

To request student education records please fax the request to 515-438-3558.

Special Education Services

Eligible students receive special education services from qualified teachers while attending Woodward Academy. Some of those services include the development and maintenance of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and progress monitoring of academic and behavioral goals. Many of these services are provided in the general education setting, allowing students to learn in the least restrictive environment possible.

Hi-SET High School Equivalency

For students where getting a traditional high school diploma may not be an option due to lack of credits, earning their high school equivalency (Hi-SET) may be their best option. These students prepare with coursework that is specifically designed to earn their high school equivalency. After students successfully pass half tests on campus, they register to take tests at the Des Moines Area Community College. Students earn their high school equivalency after sucessfully passing all 5 tests.

Educational Liaison

This staff position is responsible for ensuring students have a smooth transition from Woodward Academy to the home school district. Working out of the education department, the liaison sets up meetings with the home school district to review the student’s credit status, set up classes, tour the school, meet new teachers, coaches, and counselors, or even to repair relationships that were damaged due to the students past behaviors. During the meetings, the liaison is acting as an advocate for the graduate to ensure the best plan possible for the student to be successful when returning back to their home, school, and community.

Post-Secondary Transition

For students who wish to transition to a post-secondary education, Woodward Academy can serve as their advocate to help set them up for this stage in their life. Students have received assistance contacting colleges of interest, participating in campus tours, filling out financial aid forms, and taking college placement tests such as the Compass Test or ACT. Students have also explored military and vocational options by taking tours of Job Corps facilities and being connected with recruiters for interviews.


All teachers are highly qualified and licensed through the Iowa Department of Education. They are also employees of Woodward Academy and play an active role in dorm life and through campus activities. As a result, they have a unique opportunity to impact students beyond the classroom.