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  • Posted on Jan 6, 2012

According to students, one of the best aspects of our programming is the fact that the they are always busy and engaged with some type of activity. In other words, they’re always doing something and too busy to worry about being delinquent. Four nights a week after school, students who are not participating in our athletic program go to an extracurricular activity of their choice. The activities change over time and offer a diverse set of interest oriented activities. This makes them fun for not only the students, but for the staff members involved as well.

Beyond being fun, students are learning applicable skills in each one of them. Currently, the listing of extracurricular activities include:

– Journalism – students learn skills in writing and photography
– Drama Club – recreating scenes based on the movie script from “The Sandlot”
– WOW (World of Work) – engages students in writing a resume and touches on filling out applications
– Art – taught by the art teacher, this is really an extension of the academic classes
– A.R.T. – not to be confused with art, A.R.T stands for Aggression Replacement Training

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