For Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Phone Calls Can I Have a Week to My son or daughter?

    All students have approved phone call days where they can make calls to family members. The day and length of each call is determined on their specific dorm and is subject to change based on their progress and positive status on the dorm. Students can only call those on their approved call list.

  • What happens to my son or daughter’s personal belongings?

    Every student at Woodward Academy will be given a wall locker where they can store personal belongings such as pictures, books, letters and clothing. Other items, such as electronics and additional clothing will be stored in a locked storage room accessible only by staff. While attending WA, students will not carry money and it will be monitored and kept in a locked box by the student’s Program Director.

  • Who can I call for updates on my son or daughter’s progress?

    Your student’s Program Director and case writer will be your immediate contacts about your son or daughter’s progress with their programming at WA. Their contact information can be referenced on the back of this packet.

  • When is my son eligible for home visits?

    Home visits are approved by the student’s dorm staff and Program Director. They are arranged on a case-by-case basis and dependent on the student’s positive status on the dorm and in their program. Parents will be asked to help arrange the home visit and may help with transportation of the student.

  • What happens in the case of medical emergencies?

    Woodward Academy employs a fully qualified medical staff. In the case of emergencies, students are transported to the Dallas County Hospital, approximately 7 miles away. For emergencies at home, it is best to contact your student’s Program Director or dorm staff to help communicate sensitive information.

  • Who can I speak to about rescheduling my son’s IEP meeting?

    If your student qualifies for special education services, they will be assigned to a special education teacher who will help monitor their educational progress. Under many circumstances, IEP meetings are held within the first several months of your student’s arrival to Woodward Academy and annually thereafter. You will receive a letter in the mail indicating this meeting. Any questions can be directed to the education department at (515) 438-3399.

  • When Can I Visit My Son And Who Can Visit?

    On campus visits are set up on the weekend in the school gymnasium between 12-3 in the afternoon. Parents can attend either day along with approved immediate family members. Parents must sign up for visits by calling the main office number by the previous Wednesday by 4:00 p.m.

  • What are approved and unapproved items during Visits?

    You can bring pre-packaged food for your son or daughter along with hygiene products and appropriate clothes. This can be extremely helpful during the change of seasons. Items not permitted are food items that are not pre-packaged and energy drinks. Students are also forbidden from using cell phones, even with parent supervision.