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  • Posted on Dec 3, 2013

The month of May marks the end of the academic school year and is the time when we honor the senior class with a commencement ceremony. But May is not the only time when academic accomplishments are made. Many students attend Woodward Academy behind on credits needed for high school graduation. Some students are able to make up those up during the summer when most students are enjoying some time off. But for those students who are drastically behind in credits, working towards their GED is the best option.

Students study for the GED and take practice tests on campus with our testing coordinator. When they are ready, they can then try for the real thing at a DMACC, a local community college. After successfully completing the five tests that are a part of the GED, students earn their general equivalency diploma. This doesn’t just happen in the spring, but throughout the year. In fact, over the last couple months, more than a dozen WA students have earned their GED.

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