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  • Posted on Oct 30, 2014

To Ankoma Riddick, a Guide “is someone you can look up to, respect, get along with, and trust.” On Woodward Academy’s campus, it is one of the highest positions that a student can achieve and something that does not come along very often. Obtaining Guide status is reserved for students on Delta Company, the highly structured dorm on campus. “A Guide is a leader wherever he goes and people know it right away. He leads in everything he does… and carries himself with a positive attitude.” In many ways, Ankoma is referring to modeling the behaviors that he wants to see in other students, and he’s been doing it since first attending Woodward Academy.

Ankoma is the Executive Knight on his dorm and one of the top Knights across campus. But gaining Guide status was never a given. In fact, it has been 4 years since Delta Company produced their last Guide. With his new found status, Ankoma is given much more freedom to move across campus and gets additional privileges on his dorm. These are all things that Ankoma has earned since he’s done a great job being a leader on campus. He understands that even though he has earned a title that very few students have received, his work is not done. “When I got Guide status, I was happy and honored to be recognized for doing my job. But I need to make sure my dorm is the best on campus. I know I can take on any challenge that is thrown my way and I will be a good Exec.” 

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