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  • Posted on Jul 10, 2013

This morning, Executive Director, Ryan Santi, sent out an email recognizing the date that Woodward Academy opened. In the email he reflected at how far we’ve grown over 18 years. We thought that we’d share that email with everyone.

From Ryan Santi:

On July 10th 1995 the Woodward Academy Gators opened the doors to our first four students and 13 staff into a brand new highly structured program for the state of Iowa.  Eighteen years later the Woodward Academy Knights have grown to 251 students in residential treatment, ended the school year with a record 70 students in our day school, and 224 staff working on campus. 

Our growth and excellence in treatment is a testament to the quality staff we have on campus and the commitment we show to our kids and customers.  Doing the right thing for our kids, customers, and staff will continue to pay big dividends for WA! 

If you run into Jerry Anderson, our Woodward Youth Corporation President, please take the time to thank him for all he and the Youth Corp Board do for Woodward Academy.  Without them Woodward Academy would not be what it is today.  Take some time today to think about our history and what role you will play in our future.  

Happy 18th Anniversary Woodward Academy!    

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