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  • Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Ja’Heil Francis if from the Virgin Islands and was recently profiled in his local newspaper, the Virgin Islands Daily News. You can read the complete article online by clicking here, or after the break we have scanned a copy for viewing.

The article touches on how Ja’Heil was “one of the many misguided youth we hear about daily” in the Virgin Islands, but his story on how he arrived at Woodward Academy is a little different. Ja’Heil’s father was the one who pushed the juvenile court program in the Virgin Islands to send Ja’Heil to Woodward Academy. In fact, when some WA staff went down to interview him and other students, Ja’Heil’s father wanted them to take him back to Iowa that day.

Ja’Heil has had a very successful stay at Woodward Academy. He is a top student on his dorm and athletically has excelled. This spring, he traveled to Denver as a part of the National Champion powerlifting team, qualified in the shot put at the State Track & Field Meet, and played baseball this summer for the Knights. After the break, you can see the article that profiles Ja’Heil.

From the Virgin Islands Daily News:

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