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  • Posted on Jan 31, 2014

Des Moines native, Jeremy Stephens, spent some time this week talking with some WA students about growing up in Iowa and his current career as a fighter in the UFC. Recently, Stephens beat the 9th ranked fighter in his weight class and is currently ranked in the top 10. He shares an agent with Myles Fury, another UFC fighter who spoke on campus last year.

Stephens has made some mistakes in his past, and would be the first to acknowledge that. One of the worst he told students was that he surrounded himself with people who didn’t have his best interest in mind. Once he got in the spotlight as a successful UFC fighter, others around him held onto that for their own interest, which ultimately got him in trouble. When that happened, he said he found it very difficult to approach his family, friends, and even UFC President Dana White, to explain his side of the story. He has vowed to be more diligent about the decisions he makes in the future. During the question/answer session, students were particularly interested in how Stephens got into the UFC. He stressed hard work and being focused as his main reasons. Often times, he prioritizes working out and training over more fun activities. Stephens was a great speaker for the Knights, and afterwards he posed for some pictures with students and took a tour of campus.

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