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  • Posted on Jan 12, 2012

Perhaps the most important component to a student’s success at Woodward Academy lies in their Knight status and participation in the Knights Club. For those unfamiliar with the Club, it is the student organization on campus that has a hand in nearly every aspect of Woodward Academy. Any student can be apart of it and students are introduced to it and pressured to be a member from the moment they walk in the door.

We’ll outline the process of what it takes to become a Knight in a later post as the process is very structured and equal for every student. The important thing to note is what a Knight symbolizes. When a student is a Knight, they have consistently shown that they care about their program and want to make positive changes in their life. But positive behavior is an expectation on Woodward Academy’s campus so a student’s lack of Knight status may say more about how well they are doing… so ask them about it!!

After the break is a breakdown of what a Knights Meeting looks like.

Most WA students become Knights and they certainly are the leaders on campus.  As a member of that club, they are participate in a weekly meeting with the Executive Knights (the top Knight from every dorm) leading the discussion. At this week’s meeting, each dorm introduced new students to the rest of the Knights.

When that concluded, the newly decorated Knights were celebrated by walking through a row of Knights. The meeting ended the same way each and every one does: by reciting the Knights Creed.

When talking with Woodward Academy students, feel free to ask them if they are a Knight and what it means to them. It is often a proud moment for them and something they are excited to talk about.

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