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  • Posted on Dec 18, 2015

The students of Navigator Hall wanted the best Knight’s Den on campus, and they were willing to get to work in order to get it. All eight dorms on campus are set up in a similar fashion, and each has a place where only Knights can go. The Knight’s Den is where students can relax to read a book, watch a movie, or compete in video game action. When the Navigator Hall students approached their staff team with their idea to revamp it, Program Director Bill Badgley knew the perfect person to head up the project.

Don Teague is Woodward Academy’s Testing Coordinator, and works with students to complete their high school equivalency. He is also assigned to Navigator Hall and is a known handyman on campus when it comes to woodworking. His work is excellent and when he was tasked with the remodel, he knew that his vision for the Knight’s Den would not be cheap.

Over the course of 6 months, the students of Navigator Hall raised approximately $2,500 to fulfill their dream. They accomplished this by organizing a 50/50 raffle, selling concessions at weekend visits, and making hoodies and t-shirts supporting the football team. They were also able to make some money by working off campus. All summer, they were responsible for prepping and managing a little league baseball complex in Polk County. They also sold concessions during Iowa State Cyclone football games inside Jack Trice Stadium, and helped clean a local church every week.

Once the money was raised, the team went to work and they spared no expense. New flat screen televisions (each with their own control) are surrounded by a 14 foot, custom built oak entertainment center. The gaming center includes a Playstation and Xbox 360 that can handle 8 players at once. To make the Knight’s Den truly a special place for viewing, new black out thermal curtains were installed that surround new couches that occupy the raised theater seating.

The entire process was a huge motivator and success for the dorm. The students responded with hard work, dedication, and a sense of purpose to fulfill their desire for a new Knight’s Den.

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