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  • Posted on Mar 2, 2012

The 7th annual Knowledge Bowl started at 9 o’clock this morning to a rowdy and enthusiastic crowd.  In February, we teased the event with the promotional poster.  If you didn’t have a chance to see it, you can do so by clicking here.

To recap, the format is a bracketed event where all 8 dorms compete with the winner advancing to the next round.  It’s like March Madness!  Rather than a trivia competition, several years ago the structure was changed to where teachers submit questions from their classes.  This way, each dorm has an equal opportunity to perform well and win.  To get you in the spirit of what the Woodward Academy Knowledge Bowl consists of, the following are 5 questions taken from the event:

1. The set of all points in a plane equidistant from a given point called the center forms what geometric shape?

2. What are individuals who are paid to fight for another country called?

3. If someone is said to have “dropped their jaw,” what bone is being referenced?

4. A complete sentence must include which three things?

5. Numbers that cannot be written as ratios are called?

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Strategy very much can come into play during this event for each team.  A well prepared dorm will choose their 5-7 players from various classes.   It would be important to have a middle school student along with a good representation from the different elective classes such as music, anthropology, economics and multimedia.

After a toss up question, the winner within the 20 minute round is determined by the first team to reach 21, or whoever is leading at the end.  The team can risk 1-2 points when it is their question to answer, but they lose the points if answered incorrectly and that gives the other team an opportunity to steal the points as well.

Expedition, Legacy, Victory, and Navigator Hall all advanced to the semi-final rounds.  After lunch when the competition resumed, Expedition moved past Legacy Hall in a dominating fashion as did Navigator over Victory.  In the finals, with the championship on the line, Expedition Hall came out quick with an early lead.  Navigator Hall fought back with a series of steals and quickly tied.  The competition went back and forth and with only 2 minutes left, it was tied at 17-17.  Each team answered a couple more questions correctly, but Expedition Hall won 21-16.

Later this month, the entire dorm will take a trip out of town.  Previous winners went to Chicago and Kansas City after their wins.  Although the destination has been decided, it has not yet been disclosed.  We will report on it later in the month.

Now to see how smart you are.  Below are the answers to the questions you took a look at before the jump.  How did you do?

Answers: 1) Circle, 2) Mercenaries, 3) The mandible, 4) A subject, a verb, and a complete thought, 5) Irrational numbers

To see more images from the Knowledge Bowl event, go to our Knight Pics website by clicking here.

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