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  • Posted on Feb 9, 2012

Pictured is the promotional poster for the 2012 Knowledge Bowl.  The KB is an annual March event that matches dorms against one another in a bracketed intellectual, high stakes, winner-take-all tournament.  This year’s tournament is being held on March 2nd.  For those unfamiliar with how it works, here is a breakdown of the day:

     – 8 dorms competing head-to-head with the winner advancing to the next round.
     – 5-7 students per team, chosen by staff and students on the dorm.
     – 20 minutes rounds with questions alternating teams.
     – 1-2 points per question can be risked, but the team loses points if incorrect.
     – All questions are generated from teachers based on WA classes.

The Knowledge Bowl is not just an exhibition with bragging rights on the line.  The victorious team wins a day away from campus for the entire dorm.  Although the location is decided, it is being kept a secret until unveiled later.  Last year the winning dorm spent a day in Kansas City and visited a WWI museum and played at the College Basketball Experience.  Two years ago, the winning team went to Chicago and saw the Blue Man Group and ate deep dish pizza.  This year marks the 7th year of the Knowledge Bowl.

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