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  • Posted on Mar 8, 2013

The annual Woodward Academy Knowledge Bowl took place on Friday, March 8. The competition pits dorms against each other in a single elimination tournament. It truly is one of the best days on campus with dorms getting themed and ready for the all day competition. At stake for the winner is a day trip to Omaha, NE for the entire winning dorm. After an initial toss up question, questions alternate back and forth between the two teams. When it is their turn, teams can wager either 1 or 2 points after knowing what the category is (i.e. Music, Pre-Algebra). The cool thing about WA’s knowledge bowl is that all of the questions are written by WA teachers and originate from the student’s classes. When a team gets a question wrong, the other team has a chance to “steal” the points with a correct answer. Read more after the break.

The 8 dorms worked nicely to create a bracket where all four first round matches could be played in the morning with the semi-final and championship round in the afternoon. The winning team earns a trip to Omaha, Nebraska where they will spend a day walking around the fantastic Omaha Zoo, visiting the Strategic Air & Space Museum, and eat until their hearts desire at The Amazing Pizza Machine.  Delta moved past Mountaineer in the first semi-final round with Pathfinder beating Navigator. That set up a Delta vs. Pathfinder final that turned into one of the best Knowledge Bowls final rounds ever. Both teams were answering nearly every question tossed their way. With a tied score of 20-20, Pathfinder had the last question with time running out. An incorrect answer would give the championship to Delta, but when they answered it correctly they earned themselves a trip to Omaha and the title of 2013 Woodward Academy Knowledge Bowl Champions.

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