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  • Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Knights on the Move is a local and short distance moving company created specifically for that purpose. Our movers proudly serve the Des Moines Iowa and surrounding areas. We were created to give the young men of Woodward Academy (a residential facility for adjudicated male youths) an opportunity to change their lives. Woodward Academy believes that each of these young men have tremendous potential and talent, but have made some poor choices. In order to help these gentlemen reach their potential, Woodward Academy has created several programs to give these guys the skills they will need to become productive members of society. Knights on the Move employs students who’ve shown the desire to change through consistent positive behavior. While working, these young men will obtain job skills, community connections, interpersonal skills, a paycheck, and experience to put on their resume. Knights on the Move offers a lower cost alternative to competitors and you can be sure that you and your possessions will be treated with respect throughout the entire moving process. We offer free estimates and, unlike other companies, we don’t begin our hourly charges for local moves until we arrive at your location and we end the charges when we leave the destination point. We are licensed and insured just as other movers are and operate in much the same way with three major differences; we are less expensive, we give deserving young men the opportunity to improve their lives, and we will treat you and your possessions with the respect you deserve. Contact us for local moving in Des Moines or the surrounding area. Knights on the Move “We’ll Move You With Honor.”
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Hello and happy Monday —  I wanted to write and tell you how thankful I am for the outstanding job your Knights on the Move did in my recent move in Ames on March 21.  Cody and his crew — Tyran Holst, Darell Hall and Angel Aviles — were skilled, friendly, and efficient. I was especially impressed by the respect your Knights showed me and my belongings. Moving can be such a stressful thing, but with the help of the KOTM, I knew the move was in great hands — and that was so appreciated. Huge round of applause to KOTM and sending my sincere gratitude! Breehan Gerleman KOTM client, March 21, Ames

Knights on the Move is a great opportunity for our students on campus. KOTM and these three students above received this compliment in an email from a customer. KOTM has helped them learn skills and improve their confidence. 

         “I came from a rough place where I did a lot of negative things, but I came to Woodward Academy and got told about all the opportunities I could have. It was true what people were saying. I am on Phase 5 where they show me living and working skills that will benefit me in the future. Thanks to Mr. Irvin and teaching me skills at KOTM I know how to fill out job applications, communicate respectfully with people, and complete hard work I have never done before.”  – Angel Aviles. 

 “I am grateful to have a change to be a part of KOTM and be able to help people in the community. It feels good to get recognition for doing positive things. I learned how to have positive interactions and be a respectful young man. Through KOTM I am gaining self confidence and finding ways to be a better person overall. ” – Tyran Holst             “My peers and staff team have helped me come a long way from when I first came to Woodward Academy. Being a part of KOTM I am as a positive role model on and off campus. Thanks to Mr. Irvin and KOTM I can continue to represent the Knight’s Club and show no matter what situation you can do positive things!” – Darell Hall  


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