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  • Posted on Jan 4, 2012

Next week college starts for several Woodward Academy students who will make their transition away from WA and into the real world. Starting in the spring semester, five students will start begin taking a full load of college courses while learning to live a completely independent life. Two will be attending Grandview University, one at Kirkwood Community College with the other two taking courses at DMACC campuses across Iowa.

Titled “Leaving the Past Behind”, this image depicts a student who has assessed his life and decided that he would rather go down another road. The five students who start college next week made this decision while attending Woodward Academy. After that decision was made, the college prep process began which included taking post-secondary tests and making decisions regarding where to attend college. Some students are taking classes closer to home while others needed to make the difficult decision to stay away from home.

Volume 21 of the Knightly Knews that will come out later this spring will take a closer look at the process that occurs to place students in college.

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