Lifetime Commitment

The Benefits of Being a WA Alum

Over 5,000 students have attended Woodward Academy since 1995. As a part of the growing alumni, students can experience a lifetime commitment to their success even when they leave campus. Over the past several years, alumni have visited campus to talk with current students about their time at Woodward Academy. Some discussed what it meant to be members of the first football team, or how a relationship they built when on the powerlifting team has turned into a lifelong friendship. During a commencement speech, one alumni reflected on the moment he realized just how much his actions impact others.

Woodward Academy encourages students to utilize the school as a resource even after leaving. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, which is why 24/7 phone support is always available to all successful alumni. One small example of alumni support came a couple years ago when a student graduated from Woodward Academy but did not start college for a couple months. He was a leader on campus during his stay, so for a few months, he worked on campus and earned some money that he would need during the next school year. He still visits campus and is proud to be a Woodward alum.

Lifetime Commitment

It is Woodward Academy’s commitment to provide its young men with opportunities to enhance their skill and knowledge base and prepare them for the future. It is a goal for all students to realize their full potential through the use of on campus training programs, job opportunities, and community connections. Because of this, we have created a Lifetime Commitment Program to help serve our youth throughout their life, not just during their stay at Woodward Academy.


Every student that leaves successfully gets an Alumni card and is encouraged to stay in contact with staff in times of need.