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  • Posted on Aug 21, 2012

Every month, Woodward Academy holds an assembly where the entire student body gathers and awards are handed out to the respective dorms who earned them.  Those awards include the Golden Dustpan (cleanest dorm), Silver Apple (best GPA), Community Service, and the Knight’s Achievement Award (best Knights Club on campus).  In addition to these things, the Student and Staff of the Month are announced along with an activity that pits dorms against each other in a friendly competition.  Dorms rotate organizing the assembly, with the Phase 5 House being in charge this past Friday.  One additional award was announced during that assembly that came as a complete surprise to the student MC in charge… the first member of Woodward Academy’s Lifetime Executive Knight Club.  

Read more after the break. Daqual Covington came to Woodward Academy from the east coast, full of dread locks and a bad attitude.  He is leaving as Woodward Academy’s first Lifetime Executive Knight.  Over his stay, his constant dedication to helping students on WA’s campus can be compared to no one else.  During the assembly, other top students on campus reflected on how Daqual would always be the first to give them tough feedback when they were new students, but was always the first person to follow up them later to give his encouragement to learn from mistakes.   Shawn Hollenkamp, WA’s Group Living Director, presented Daqual with his portrait that will forever live in the halls of WA.  Daqual was an initial member of the recently opened Phase 5 House.  When taking the image, he was told it was for a Knightly Knews article on the House and that he would be profiled in it.  Little did he know the honor that was about to be bestowed upon him.  When he leaves, he will be sorely missed on campus for his leadership and ability to work with students.  

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