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  • Posted on Oct 26, 2015

If you have ever been involved with the admissions process at Woodward Academy, odds are that you interacted with one of these admissions representatives. Under the direction of Admissions Director, Guthrey Fritz, these guys are responsible for balancing the steady flow of students who are both arriving for the first time, and leaving as successful graduates of the program. Last year, this team helped admit 356 students to Woodward Academy.

Because this team works so closely with outside systems, they are often tasked with helping educate and market the school as well as admissions. They arrange tours for individuals who have never been to campus, and talk about the type of care that can be provided to students. The guys in admissions serve a vital role in the daily operations on campus and keep building Knights all day long.

After the break, meet the team:
Guthrey Fritz
Guthrey Fritz started his career as a Youth Counselor at Woodward Academy in 1997, after graduating from Buena Vista University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Since then, he has held several roles in his sixteen years at Woodward, including Youth Counselor, Training Officer / Admissions Assistant, and Program Director. Guthrey started the athletic program on campus and was the head powerlifting coach for 11 years where he won 10 consecutive USAPL team National Championships and crowned 24 individual champions. In June 2013, he entered his current role as Admissions Director.
(515) 438-3338

Matt Gallatin
Matt Gallatin began his career at Woodward Academy in May of 2008. Coming straight from college with a lengthy background in health care and educating youth as an
Assistant Naturalist at state parks in Northern Iowa, he wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into when transitioning into the residential treatment world. Now, nearly 6 years later, Matt is thankful he took the step in the direction of Woodward Academy. For nearly 5 years, Matt worked in the Sexual Offenders Program, holding positions of Youth Counselor, Remedial Treatment Counselor, as well as Individual Counselor. In January of 2013, Matt joined the Admissions Department as Admissions Coordinator.
(515) 438-3303

Chris Koch
After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Criminology, Chris Koch began his career at Woodward Academy in July of 2010. He worked as a Youth Counselor until he started his current position as an Admissions Coordinator in October 2012. Chris has appreciated the wide variety of experiences the Academy has had to offer, including building relationships with the
students, staff, and the opportunity to travel to a wide variety of locations across the United States to interview and transport students. Chris enjoys the comradery in the admissions office and is proud to work at one of the best residential treatment centers in the country and to be able to contribute in a small way.
(515) 438-3142

Derek Hawk
Derek Hawk will celebrate his five year anniversary at Woodward Academy later this year. After spending three years working as a Youth Counselor, Derek moved into his current position of Admissions Coordinator in 2013. For the past two years, he has had the privilege to work in the office that brings each and every student into Woodward Academy. Working with students in admissions, and as an assistant basketball coach for the past 2 years, has allowed Derek to learn a lot about people, and even more about himself. He is happy to be a part of a growing organization and network of colleagues that are dedicated to exceptional care.
(515) 438-3301

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