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  • Posted on Feb 3, 2015

Very rarely do we report on a loss, but the Woodward Academy vs. Earlham game on January 30 set a record for the most combined points scored in a high school game in Iowa history and we thought it was worth noting. The game went into 4 overtimes and accumulated 247 points. The previous record of 245 points was set in 1999 in a 7 overtime game. The Knights were 11-5 going into the game and had already secured a #1 ranking in the upcoming district tournament. The Earlham Cardinals are also a playoff bound team and came into the contest with a 13-2 record.

Earlham led most of the game but the Knights were never out of it. In the final moments of regulation, the Knights pressed more than usual and rattled the Cardinals into turning the ball over and allowed the overtime periods to begin (which is where the video highlights start). A lot of times, over time periods can be sucked up with conservative play, but both teams went on the offensive and it made for a great atmosphere (even though the Knights ended up on the losing side in the 125-121 contest). Woodward Academy was led by Ivan Johnson (#1) who scored 37 points and Dontre English (#3) with 31 points. That amazing tandem has been outstanding lately and scored 66 combined points just a week ago when the Knights defeated a highly regarded Des Moines Christian team.

Home court advantage is something that is often talked about in athletics. If you have a chance to attend a Knights basketball game, you’ll be able to see one of the most supportive student bodies in the state. In addition to watching the Knights on the court, check out all of the Knights in the stands as well when you watch the video. Finally, you can see some pictures of the game if you visit our Knight Pics website.

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