Mobile App

Woodward Academy‚Äôs mobile web application is a helpful tool to learn more about what Woodward Academy offers its students. Titled “The Woodward Academy Experience” the app showcases WA’s different programs, dorm life, athletics, vocations, and educational opportunities.

Once installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can take the information with you anywhere and can also view information offline. The app also links directly to our blog and has icons where you can directly contact WA by phone or email. There are also icons that help you share the app with others.

Check out the short video below that presents the purpose behind the app and how simple it is to get it installed. We are really excited about the new app and hope that you take time to get it installed today and share it with others.

View our mobile app here

Here is a breakdown of the couple ways in which you can install the app: