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  • Posted on May 15, 2013

In what has become a recent trend, top Knights on campus today had a great opportunity to listen to another top athlete in his profession when Myles “The Fury” Jury came on campus. Jury is currently an ultimate fighter in the UFC and to date has a professional record of 12-0 with his most recent win coming in April of this year. Early in his career he entertained fights in California when was selected to be a part of The Ultimate Fighter television series that eventually launched his career into the UFC.

Jury spoke about how he made choices early in his life to stay focused on his career and not to be distracted by negative things. Considering he is active in a very challenging, and potential dangerous profession, he commented that he needs to continue to be focused on his training and career every day. That focus is a choice, and not something that always comes easy.  After speaking, Jury took some pictures with all the Knights and signed some cards for them to take. Thanks to the Polk County Juvenile Court Services for helping arrange for Jury to speak at WA. After the break, you can see a video of Jury talking with WA student.
You can connect more with Myles Jury read more about him at the following links:

Here is a video of Jury talking with WA students. Thanks to Myles Jury and Ryan Haas for providing the video.

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