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  • Posted on May 20, 2013

Over the past year, Woodward Academy has seen a lot of promotions and career advancements in many of its supervisor positions. As WA has expanded its reach to more students through the Phase 5 house and now providing services through Woodward Academy Community Based Services (WACBS), additional positions have been needed.

Back in February, we introduced Ryan Santi as the new Executive Director of Woodward Academy after Bill Dean moved into a Vice President of Operations position at Sequel Youth Services. At that point, Shawn Hollenkamp took over as Admissions Director on an interim basis and is now Executive Director of WACBS. Today, we’re please to introduce WA’s new Admissions Director: Guthrey Fritz.

Guthrey Fritz started his career as a Youth Counselor at Woodward Academy in 1997, after graduating from Buena Vista University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Since then, he has held several roles in his sixteen years at Woodward, including Youth Counselor, Training Officer / Admissions Assistant and Program Director as has experience in all three of the Academy’s programs. Mr. Fritz has been Head Coach for the Woodward Academy Powerlifting team since 2003 and holds 8 National Championship titles. In June 2013, Mr. Fritz became the Woodward Academy Director of Admissions.

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