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  • Posted on Mar 4, 2013

Woodward Academy’s Multimedia class focuses heavily on photography and simple design elements in Photoshop. Taught by a member of the Professional Photographers of Iowa, the class offers real world experience in photography, using professional equipment that prepares students to use photography in the future. Examples of student photos are often seen on this blog or in Woodward Academy’s quarterly newsletter: the Knightly Knews.

For you photography experts, the class uses Canon DSLR cameras and dives into many of its functions. Lessons include composition, focus points, and most recently how to shoot in manual mode. An understanding of the Exposure Triangle is needed with this as students are asked to control the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings.  New to this semester is examining the use of off camera lighting. Pictured are students taking portraits of each other using a LED light panel.

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