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  • Posted on Jul 15, 2015

The annual Open House took place on campus July 9, one day before our 20th anniversary. A 5K run in the morning has become tradition with the event and this year approximately 80 runners participated in the race. Some call it a “Fun Run,” others the “Iron Man,” but whatever the case, if you like running through wooded areas, in creeks, and up a 70 degree mud hill with the use of a rope, you would love it. You can check out a video of the race embedded above.

The Open House is a great opportunity to spend some time with students and staff on campus and really take in the Woodward Academy experience. Many guests received tours from students, checked out a monthly assembly, and even took in a varsity baseball game on campus.

In the afternoon, an impressive milestone was reached that went largely unnoticed by most people. Woodward Academy admitted its 5,000 student. Plan ahead and come attend our annual Open House in 2016.

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