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  • Posted on Jun 7, 2014

Woodward Academy’s annual Open House took place on Wednesday, June 5, and was accompanied with a lot of other events as well. The purpose behind the day is to invite guests onto campus to visit with students and get a better grasp of WA life. Several years ago, we added a 5K run in the morning that isn’t designed for the casual runner. This year’s course asked participants to run 3 miles through a wooded area, in a creek with waist-high water, and up the Iron Man, a 70 degree, muddy incline, twice. This year’s winner was a student from the Phase 5 house: Richard Collins.

An addition for this year’s event was a dorm vs. dorm, Tug O’ War. As you can imagine, the contest was epic and muddy; everything that a rope battle should be. Check out a video of it below.

After lunch, guests were given tours of the campus by Knights on campus. After that, tables were set up outlining many of WA’s different programs including vocations, clinical services, and transitional opportunities. Additionally, they were given a demo of how to utilize all of WA’s electronic media including this blog, web app, and YouTube channel. You can see images from the 5K on our Knight Pics website by clicking here. Warning: some are pretty colorful.

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