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  • Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Every time a student discharges from Woodward Academy, they complete an outcomes survey. They rate our services and are allowed to write comments. This is our opportunity to test the formal vs informal. Is what we are really doing what we say we are doing? This helps us identify gaps in our services and allows us opportunities to fix it. 

Overwhelmingly, our students talk about the great people they had helping them, the support they had, and an overall great experience being a Knight. After the break, we have copied some student responses to offer a quick snapshot of some of the comments we received from the past three months. We have identified areas we want to improve upon, but the message was clear that students have benefited from the Woodward Academy experience. 

Student responses from October, November, and December:

Thank you for all you do for WA and our students. We continue to make a difference EVERYDAY!

This is a good program, yea I may have been away from my family, but I enjoyed my time here.

This place changed me.

The most helpful thing has been people understanding me and didn’t judge me.

The most helpful thing has been the staff team. I love this placement.

I appreciate all of the help and support I got. I will use it to help myself and others in the future.

Staff never let me give up on myself. They pushed and pushed me to become a better person and overcome things that I didn’t like or understand. And also told me the reason why I should be open cause certain things could happen.

I came a long way and am looking forward to where I will be in the future. I am excited to get back home to my family. Thanks for everything Woodward has helped me out with.

The most helpful thing has been that the staff never gave up on me, even though I thought they did.

The most helpful thing has been probably the staff because they always helped me through hard situations. I appreciate the program it has changed me a lot. Thanks.

The staff here really care about us.

The most helpful thing has been the huge amount of people who care about your treatment and well-being/health. When you stay here overtime you begin to realize and start maturing and you change. I’m really happy that I came to Woodward Academy. WA helped me open my eyes and actually realize my negative behaviors. If it wasn’t for WA, I would never even have that successful life. Highly thankful for this opportunity to be here ☺ Thank you all.

I just want to thank the whole Sequel Program for helping me out and giving someone like me a second change. I’m grateful there are places like Woodward. Thank you for changing me.

This place has changed me, made me a better person and had a big impact on my life.

Woodward Academy is a great program. More kids should go to this program to make a change.

WA showed me what I am missing and what I need to do. Woodward and Delta is a good program it changed me a lot since I have been here.

Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life.

I feel this program can help a lot of people like me and that you can continue being people’s last chance for help and providing it to make a difference in somebody’s life.

The program is helpful and there’s a lot of help and no one judge’s you about your past.

I’m glad I came here it has really helped me. Thank you for a second chance.

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