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  • Posted on Jun 13, 2012

The Phase Five House opened this week after months of planning and preparation.  Currently, four students are living at the house that is supervised by WA staff.  The house serves as a fifth phase in our program and is being utilized to help bridge the gap between residential treatment and the next stage in a student’s life.

To catch everyone up on what the Phase Five House is and to see some images inside, read more after the jump.

In the last edition of the Knightly Knews (that you can download here), we briefly described the purpose of the house.  To recap, the house will allow students to live in a supervised environment as they wait to attend college, a trade school, the military, or just on their own.

Why is it called the “Phase Five” house?  Every student at WA progresses through their program in four phases.  The further they get through these indicates how close they are to completing their particular program.  Phase Five students are those who have successfully moved through their on campus program, but have found it beneficial to not immediately return home.  In fact, two of the four students currently living in the Phase Five house are planning to transition to college in the fall.  This serves as a great option for those students.

The house is located 7 miles from WA’s campus and is a great set up for the students.  For the most part, they all will spend the majority of the day on campus (either going to school or working) and spend the evenings and weekends at the house.  Pictured is the common living area, kitchen, and a view from the back yard.  All images were taken prior to students living in the house and we plan to update in the next edition of the Knightly Knews and here on the blog.

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