Community Residential

6-12 months // learning prosocial programming // personal accountability

The Community Residential Program serves male and female students 12-18 years of age, or the age of majority from the referring state. The length of stay is typically 4-6 months with the flexibility to extend to 9-12 months if needed. Successful completion of this program entails advancing through each of the four program phases, applying the cognitive pieces they are learning, and being involved in the Knights Club. The four phases of the program explore areas of victim empathy, taking responsibility for their actions, learning alternatives to their behaviors, and relapse prevention.

Student Profile:

To be considered for participation in this programs, juvenile offenders must meet the following
minimum criteria:

  • A male or female between the ages 12 and 18
  • Committed a public offense that is an aggravated misdemeanor or above
  • Not committed a forcible felony
  • A prior adjudication of delinquency
  • Behavior, conduct, opposition, and/or antisocial disorders, not a diagnosis of schizoid disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, unmanaged depression and/or active psychotic disorder
  • Impulsive and have problems with anger control and aggression
  • Lack self-discipline
  • Have a low degree of empathy for others
  • May be delinquent, CINA or private admission. No court order necessary
  • Iowa students must obtain CACT AUTHORIZATION when necessary