Sex Offender

9-18 months // dealing with problem sexual behaviors with a normal treatment environment

For youth who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors, it may be difficult to find treatment options that can provided the necessary services, safety and life skills to help support recovery.  The Woodward Academy Sex Offenders (“SO”) program is designed to provide a comprehensive and trauma-informed approach that is grounded in best practices for the assessment and treatment of youth who have engaged in sex offenses.

The Sex Offender treatment track provides services to youth from 12-18 years old and who have engaged in aggressive or risky sexual behaviors.  Residents at the program may be either pre-adjudicated or adjudicated.

Resident Profile:
  • Males, ages 12-18 years old
  • Diagnosed with a DSM-V-TR mood- or trauma-related diagnosis
  • Presents with high-risk or impulsive sexualized behaviors
  • Requires high intensity residential treatment
  • Has a Full-scale IQ of 70 or above


Upon admission to our specialized treatment track, all residents will receive a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment to assess treatment needs, develop clinical interventions and complete each resident’s treatment plan.  Residents and their families will be referred into the treatment services that most closely fit their current needs, including individual, family and group therapies.  In addition, Victim Reunification sessions can be provided if clinically indicated for the recovery process.  Treatment services are grounded in empathy building, healthy relationships, identifying and recognizing triggers, and relapse prevention.

Woodward Academy is proud to be a leader in providing evidence-based assessment and treatment alternatives for youth.  Throughout the program, our treatment professionals are committed to high quality patient safety and clinical outcomes.  Staff involved in the Sex Offender program will have completed an 8-month course provided by the Iowa Board for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (provide link here) and members of the treatment team have certifications as Sex Offender Treatment Providers (SOTP-II).


Assessments Offered

  • Juvenile Sex Offense Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool II (JSSORRAT-II)
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol II (JSOAP-II)
  • Casey Life Skills Associates (CLSA)


Clinical Models

  • Pathways
  • Good Life Model
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


Life Skills/Vocational

  • World of Work
  • Knights on the Move
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Coursework


In addition, our environment of care provides a dedicated treatment space for residents to identify and disrupt their unhealthy sexual cycles, reduce justification and denial strategies, take full responsibility, and recognize the impact of their behavior(s) on victims.  Supervision is provided with high staff-to-resident ratios to support healthy boundaries and our staff are trained in the use of Ukeru Systems (link) to support safe crisis intervention techniques.

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