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  • Posted on Jun 25, 2014

During the week, students attend school all day and after that participate in either extracurricular activities or high school athletics before heading back to the dorm for group. Their daily schedule is packed and needless to say, they are busy. But what do they do on the weekend?

Most weekends are just as scheduled as during the week. In fact, schedules for the weekend are organized throughout and approved by each dorm’s Program Director before Friday afternoon hits. Dorm repair projects, community service activities, family visits, and organized competitions are common on the weekend. In addition to those things, a lot of weekends are themed, as was the case in May when Saturday night brought out the 80’s hair band in everyone. Students did their best rock band impressions as Guns ‘N Roses, Warrant, and Def Leppard blared throughout the gymnasium. Weekend activities have proven to be a great way to get students involved in campus life and can often times serve as great distractions from any stressors they may be experiencing. You can see more pictures from the Rock Band weekend on our Knight Pics website by clicking here.

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