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  • Posted on Nov 10, 2014

It is officially Royal Rumble Wrestling Week at Woodward Academy which means that you’ll see a lot of spandex and wrestling belts walking across campus. The week long festivities all lead up to the weekend activities where Impact Pro Wrestling will put on a show for the entire student body.

Throughout the week, students and staff dress up like their favorite professional wrestler as a part of a competition to see who has the highest spirit. In addition to getting into character, dorms will be working on their wrestling chants and entrances, and even group sessions during the week will be focused around a “wrestling theme.” Friday night, dorms will be preparing their signs so when Saturday night comes, everyone will be ready to get rowdy! All of these activities will be judged and combined together to generate a cumulative score to see which dorm wins.

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Pictured are the program directors and some members of the management team dressed as their favorite wrestler. With over 260 boys on campus, this week is an activity that can unite dorms together and establish positive relationships between staff and students. It’s also a great reason to love wrestling and act a little crazy.

Front row: Dustin Sperling (as Steve Austin), Glen Miller (as Hill Billy Jim), Mike Hughes (as Mankind), Jason Anderson (as Sgt. Slaughter), Trent Fleshner (as The Brooklyn Brawler), Carl Fenceroy (as CM Punk)

Back row: Bill Badgley (as CM Punk), Jeremy Hilbert (as I.R.S.), Lorenzo White (as Kamala), Shane Sinn (as The Big Boss Man), Guthrey Fritz (as Macho Man Randy Savage), Shaun Mohon (as Nature Boy Rick Flair).

You can view additional pictures of the over 100 in costume by visiting our Knight Pic website by clicking here.

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