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  • Posted on Dec 7, 2015

Rush Month is an annual tradition on campus that gives students an accelerated opportunity to be a member of the Knights Club. The campus wide initiative traditional happens over the holiday season as a motivator for students. Since its inception a couple years ago, students have responded positively, allowing for it to occur every year.

Group Living Director Trent Fleshner sees this month as an opportunity for students to unite toward a common cause. “This month gets the entire campus focused on getting students who are not a part of the Knights Club involved. It is great for students who recently lost their Knight status to prove that they want to be a part of the Club, and it’s perfect for new students to get a kick start for their program.”

The first week of Rush Month enlists top Knights from across campus to conduct interviews to all prospective Knights Club members. During this time, the students begin the “pledge” process and are active participants in the club. The second week they earn the privileges of being a Knight, and the third they take on many of the responsibilities that Knights have on the dorm and in the classroom. Rush Month concludes on January 3rd with a celebration of having new Knights on campus. Although this month is an accelerated opportunity for students to earn their Knight status, it certainly does not have diminished expectations. Not all students will make it to the end with their Knight. For those students, they will have a more traditional opportunity when they are ready. But for students who are ready now to prove that they are committed to positive change in their life, Rush Month benefits them as we move toward the end of the year.

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