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  • Posted on Jan 9, 2014

The Knights Club is the elite student body on campus and it is the organization that is at the center of our success. Becoming a member of the Knights Club is a big deal for our students and is often a very memorable moment. For them, the moment is a culmination of months of them dedicating themselves to changing for the positive.

The process of becoming a Knight takes time. First, they learn the norms on their dorm and on campus and demonstrate that by supporting them and confronting negative behavior. Over time, Knights on their dorm recognize and support them by giving them their pledge. Once this occurs, students are actively working toward their Knight status by collaborating directly with the Knights on their dorm. Once complete, they earn their Knight status in from of the entire Club. This moment occurred for a lot of students last week at the end of RUSH Month.

The goal of Rush Month is to accelerate this process by giving those students who do not have their Knight a chance to earn it by getting their pledge. Some of those students may be new to campus, other students it may another opportunity to get it. Whatever the case may be, this year’s Rush Month was a huge success and ended with 217 Knights walking around campus, many of which were new to the club. Congrats to those Knights who worked directly with pledges, and an even bigger congratulations to those who earned their Knight for the first time.

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