Dorm Life

Dorm Names

  • A1 – Legacy Hall
  • A2 – Mountaineer Hall
  • B1 – Delta Company
  • B2 – Expedition Hall
  • C1 – Pathfinder Hall
  • C2 – Navigator Hall
  • D1 – Victory Hall
  • D2 – Triumph Hall

The dorm is what a student calls home while being a student at Woodward Academy. It is where he sleeps, showers, does homework, plays video games, and eats breakfast. It is also where he does his laundry, reads books, participates in skill development groups, writes letters, calls home, and where he builds relationships with staff members and other students.

Students who attend Woodward Academy are always amazed at how much there is to do. Nearly every moment of their day is organized and scheduled. During the week, a student’s schedule is very consistent. They wake up at 7 in the morning, eat breakfast, and do personal hygiene before group. School starts at 9 a.m. and runs until 3 in the afternoon. From there, students participate in either high school athletics or extracurricular activities. In the evening, students have organized activities that include skill development groups, cleaning the dorm, or recreational activities outside. The weekends are just as scheduled, but have more leisure time built into the day that allows students to dive into their favorite book or (if you’re a Knight) hang out in the Knights Den and watch a movie.

Dorm life allows students to learn important independent living skills as they organize nearly everything that happens throughout the day. Time management and interpersonal skills are seen when students work together to run transitions. Cleanliness is be evident the moment you walk on a dorm.

Besides school and athletics, students spend most of their time with other students on their dorm. The fact that they live so closely together allows students to form strong, lifelong, and positive memories of their time at Woodward Academy.

Terms to Know

Student Government

All students have an opportunity to be a part of their dorm’s student government. They are the team who helps maintain the positive norms on their dorm and determine daily schedules. Positions include: Executive, President, Vice President, Sergeant of Arms, Director of Public Relations, and Treasurer.

GGI: Guided Group Interaction

Guided Group Interaction is a tool used that helps maintain the positive norms across campus. It is a daily, student run group that focuses on eliminating negative behaviors. In a safe and controlled way, students address negative behaviors on the dorm and the students who support them. It is a key component to student life and an emphasis across campus.

Force Field:

On a weekly basis, students are assessed on how well they are performing on the dorm. They get a force field rating of positive (+), neutral (~), or negative (-) and this rating impacts their status on the dorm and what privileges they receive. The rating is based on their behaviors and how well they support and contribute to the positive norms across campus. All students are able to talk about the force field and understand its meaning.

Primary Counselor:

Each student is assigned a staff member who serves as their primary contact. If students need help on their packet work, advice on how to handle an internal struggle, or just wants to talk, this person is usually the first person they approach.

Monthly Awards:

Every month, dorms compete against each other to see who gets the Silver Apple (best grades), Golden Dustpan (cleanest dorm), Community Service (most hours), and Knights Achievement Award (best Knights Club).

Each dorm has approximately 30 students and is supervised by a Program Director. All of the dorms look similar to each other and each student has a personal wall locker where he can keep his personal items. Besides the highly structured dorm, students are allowed to wear their own clothes and use their own hygiene products, which are kept in their locker. A lot of students keep pictures and letters from family members in there with larger items being stored away.