Knights Club

The Knights Creed is the code that the students live by. It is recited, in unison, with their right hands raised. It can be heard at the end of every Knight’s meeting and on the athletic fields as a reminder of their purpose.

Knights Club

The Knights Club is the student organization on campus that every student has an opportunity to be a part of. It is the foundation of our student culture and drives nearly every aspect of campus activities. The Knights serve as role models and representatives for Woodward Academy as well as maintain the positive norms across campus.

For most students, earning their Knight status is part of the requirements for their programming. The process to becoming a Knight is simple: do the right thing. After a student has an understanding of the expectations across campus and becomes an active participant on their dorm, they will be given a pledge packet. The “pledge” will work through it with staff and other Knights on their dorm and when complete, they will have earned their Knight.

Knight Status

Positive Knights on campus earn increased recognition and special privileges throughout their stay. They are able to go off campus during sporting events, and be a part of “Knights outings” that have included trips to Adventureland and the local pool. Knights are easily recognizab

le because they receive “Knights Gear” as a part of their admittance into the club. This includes custom t-shirts along with their most prized possession, their Knights Jacket. This jacket is a status symbol on campus and something students wear with pride.