Medical Services

Woodward Academy utilizes a custom built electronic medical records system called P.AN.D.A. to ensure a quality continuum of care for the future.

Woodward Academy maintains a full time nursing staff. Physicians are available for on campus appointments for examinations and non-invasive treatments. Within 24 hours of admission, all students receive a complete physical assessment by the nursing staff. On campus psychological and psychiatric assessments are scheduled as needed. Students also receive oral examinations and dental treatments as needed. Emergency services are provided by the Dallas County Hospital, approximately seven miles from the Academy.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMR) are at the center of health care reform in the United States. In 2016, Woodward Academy became one of the top reputable medical facilities in the nation as it pertains to health IT, patient safety, confidentiality, and quality care when they passed every Meaningful Use (MU) federal objective. Today, with a login and password, students can access their records online at: