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  • Posted on Jul 25, 2014

This time of year, most teenagers are enjoying their last days away from school as the fall semester is quickly approaching. This isn’t the case at Woodward Academy, where educational programming runs year round. There are the two traditional semesters in the fall and spring, with an additional semester that runs during the summer. Both core and elective courses are offered to students and curriculum is designed and assessed based on the standards from the Iowa Core Curriculum.

There are several reasons why school operates year round. The most obvious is that it keeps students engaged in an activity throughout the summer. Staying busy is a big contributing factor in why students succeed at WA. Additionally, many students involved in the juvenile justice system are academically behind either in content knowledge or in credits. This is the case at Woodward Academy and attending school addresses both. On campus, behaviors are consistently addressed because they are visible. Academic deficiencies such as in mathematics or writing are much more difficult to see on a daily basis… unless students are in school. Rather than take 3 months off, students are working on these skills in the classroom. A lot of students are also behind in credits compared to typical students. Being able to earn credits during the summer can in many cases rectify that problem and get those students back on track to graduate with their class.

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