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  • Posted on Sep 9, 2016

Tonna Lawrenson came to Woodward Academy in 2001 and is currently the Clinical Director. She oversees the clinical aspects of WA’s programming, supervising case managers, a clinical team of remedial individual and family counselors, therapists, and an outpatient mental health site. In 1996, she enrolled in Emporia State University in Kansas where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Art Therapy. While in school, she worked an extensive clinical rotation including the most challenging setting of her professional life; working in the Kansas hospice program as a therapist who helped prepare adolescents who were going through the dying process. After school and prior to arriving at WA, Lawrenson worked in a battered women’s shelter and at Beloit Residential Treatment Center for children in Ames, Iowa. Over the past 17 years, Tonna has proven to be a largely valuable resource for Woodward Academy.