The Next Crew of College Bound Students Back to Blog Articles

  • Posted on Oct 9, 2012

Every week, Woodward Academy’s Educational Liaison, Jon Shelness, works toward transitioning students away from WA.  He makes contacts with home high schools and helps make arrangements for when the students return.  Beyond that, he is one of the leaders in a recent push to engage students in higher educational opportunities.  Between college visits and taking students to Job Corps campuses, many prospective college bound students are receiving opportunities to make knowledgable choices on their post-secondary options.  Pictured is a recent trip that Shelness took to Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa where three WA students spent some time with three WA alumni who are currently attending ICCC.  These types of contacts are important as they demonstrate that it is possible to succeed regardless of any indiscretions made in a student’s past.

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