USAPL Nationals // Part 3 // Celebration at the Red Rocks and Rocky Mountain National Park Back to Blog Articles

  • Posted on Apr 8, 2013

After winning the team National Championship, the Knights took the next day (Saturday) to take in the beauty of Colorado. The team toured the Red Rocks Amphitheater and then travelled to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The snow covered mountain tops were spectacular and there was even time for a snow ball fight. They saw elk, and rams on the side of a cliff. Before returning to the hotel, the entire team stopped downtown to load up on some Boney’s Barbecue. The entire trip was a success and much more than just powerlifting. The students earned a memorable trip and they received just that. After the break, check out a couple more images from the last day and a recap of all of the events that took place over the week. Check it out after the break.

During the trip, the team took in the most that the Denver area had to offer. They walked around the Garden of the Gods, attended a Denver Nuggets NBA basketball game, won a powerlifting National Championship, visited the Red Rocks Amphitheater, toured the Rocky Mountain National Park, and ate barbecue in downtown Denver. Awesome.

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